lauren (rightofdivinity) wrote,

been awhile

dear livejournal,

today i removed someone from my aim lists hoping it would be cathartic, but instead it was just sad... i'm not cutting all ties but to sever any, even the most mendable, is stinging.

i read somewhere once that my astrological something or other sets up expectation in people too high, and then they can't live up to it and my disappointment is like a chronic disease on the friendship. i can think of several examples of this proving true, but a comprable number of examples of oppisite behavior in myself.


things elsewhere are good. bowling is progressing nicely, i'm making new friends and whatnot and finding outlets to hang out with old ones. i'm grateful for my apt and my roomate and i found a new artist. (new to me) he is joel peter witkin and his photos are slightly grotesque, some way more than others.
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